My daughters confession 🤰
My daughter came to me with some news
She tells me ima be a grandpa she has pink or blue
A young fathers worstnightmare an young girl dream age 16
Her baby daddy prob up signing a preen
She showed me the ultrasound she smiling like it funny
I rip up the paper then I kick her in the tummy
Close legs don’t get fed open legs tread dead
You hit the whore score no longer my little princess I adore
No abortions I you feel the pain to the core
When he leave your hoe ass you learn there no more doors
Nobody will want you what’s growing will be a chore
I hope that baby come out deformed when it walks it hits the floor
Your appendix when your giving I hope it giving tore
You were better off in your room wanking
Calling the dead Joe OJ Ike turner for your spanking
You spread your cheeks on line for every lesbian and man
You were my sweet baby girl before as your daddy I was your only fan
You pregnant at 16 I am legend for these hands
© ⭐️Neptoon⭐️