the ways of our survival
In the realm of festive delight, Where echoes of tradition take flight, A tapestry woven with vibrant hues, Celebrating the old, embracing the new.With every beat of the drum's resound, The festival echoes, joy unbound, From ancient customs, stories unfold, In the hearts of young and old.In the air, a scent of spices and sweets, As tradition's growth, the soul meets, From generation to generation, it's passed, A heritage cherished, meant to last.The dance of colors, a vibrant display, As echoes of festivals light up the way, From Diwali's lamps, a shimmering glow, To Holi's hues, where love freely flows.Amidst the crowd's jubilant cheer, The essence of tradition becomes clear, A tapestry of customs, woven with care, A reminder of the beauty we all share.The echoes of festival is, a sacred song, That binds us together, where we belong, In each celebration, a story unfolds, Of unity, love, and traditions untold.So let us embrace the festival's embrace, And honor the growth of tradition's grace, For in these echoes, we find our roots, A reminder of the past, guiding our pursuits.

In the star's above we look up and see the memory our loved ones guiding us, for that we will cherish our traditions with us where ever we go.

By star dreams ❤