when you loose someone
In the silence of the night, we feel the absence,
Of the ones we loved, now gone from our presence.
Their laughter, their warmth, their gentle embrace,
Memories we hold, time cannot erase.

But in the darkness, a light still shines bright,
The love they left behind, a guiding light.
A legacy of kindness, a heart so pure,
A love that continues to endure.

Though they may be gone, their spirit lives on,
In every sunrise, every dawn.
In the whispers of the wind, the songs of the birds,
Their love surrounds us, in every word.

So let us not mourn, but celebrate,
The love they gave, the memories we create.
For in our hearts, they will always be,
A reminder that love is truly free.

So as we carry on, in this journey of life,
Let us remember, in joy and in strife,
That those we love are never truly gone,
For in our hearts, their love lives on.
© cynfully