Mr. Oaks Advice To All
I am Mr. Oak, once just a little nut,
But now I stand tall, my journey far from shut.
And as I look out at the world below,
I see so much potential, waiting to grow.

So hear me now, when I say to you,
Stand tall and proud, let your spirit shine through.
Go out on your limb, take risks and be bold,
For life is an adventure, waiting to unfold.

But remember your roots, for they keep you strong,
Grounded and centered, where you belong.
Drink plenty of water, stay nourished and true,
For taking care of yourself is so important to do.

Be content with your natural beauty, just as you are,
For you are unique and special, like a shining star.
And as you climb higher, and reach for the sky,
Take a moment to enjoy the view, with a grateful eye.

For life is a journey, full of twists and turns,
But with perseverance and courage, you will learn.
To stand tall and proud, just like me,
And let your natural beauty shine, for all to see.
© ItsArnold