Dear mother 🥰
Oh dear mother...
For me you are not the precious gift of God
For me you are the God,
You live in the heart of mine
And shine everyday like a sunshine
You forget all your fears just to see a smile on our faces ,
You cook the best food for us
You iron our dresses so that we will look smart,
You bestow all the your love upon us,
Which makes you the most special person for us,
We never synergise you,
But you always stay energise,
And smile in every situation forgetting all the fears.
Oh dear mother,
Your love is eternal,
And you are truly inspirational,
Your presence energises the family,
Your being meticulous in everything makes us perfect,
You sacrifice your dreams for our dreams ,
Now it's time for you to rest,
As you have made your children perfect, safe and sound,
And now it's our task to make you proud,
Oh dear mother for the sake of God,
Please keep smiling always,
And shower your blessings on us,
And make our lives prosperous..
Oh dear mother,
Thank you for everything you have done,
Thank you for being a God and making us as a devotee of you,
Now it's our time to bestow everything for the happiness of yours.
Oh dear mother,
You are the most beautiful person I have ever met in life,
Thank you for guiding me,
Happy mother's day to all the dear mothers.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

© Swagat200809