A Broken Soul 💔
Standing at the edge of reality and disbelief,
A broken soul shivers deep,
Was torn and shattered on the reef,
Of dreams that faded in their sleep,
Then from the darkness comes a light,
A spark to guide, with the will to fight.

And from the echoes of a distant dawn,
Whispered truths and hopes reborn,
A heart once fractured now beats strong,
Finding it's place where it does belong.

Through shadows deep and waters cold,
Comes a tale of courage, brave and bold,
With every step, a past released,
On a journey towards inner peace.

And as the sun breaks through the night,
The soul ascends, embracing flight,
No longer bound by grief and fear,
It soars with purpose, forever clear!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo