The last rains
The last rains
Showers forth in broken melodies
Shrieking thunders
Breaking the pots that carries our fears
We are doomed to a new beginning -
A new dawn
Cracking our minds like sacrificial eggs
Perhaps it's a new darkness
Coming in the shadow of light

We are leaving
For a new world without our lives
We spread our arms in embrace
To the beginning of a new end
An eagle roars
A lion soars into the burning rings of clouds
Quick hands of lightning
Shatters these lanterns of hope
It is indeed a new beginning my friend

It is the last rains
We fall like rains upon the naked soil of new stories
Hanging our eyes heavenward
We gaze at the burning prophesies of the future
We allow the fumes hide our Shameless footprints
From the petered rains of our past

© Arinze