The Lonely Writers Plea

Ohh, Writco readers, where are you?
Leaving me lost and alone, with words that bleed in vain
In this endless ocean of writers, I'm a fragile boat, adrift and blue
Yearning for a gentle breeze, a heart that understands, a love that's true

In the depths of my soul, I pour my heart, my tears, my every pain
Crafting poems that cry out for a friendly ear, a comforting embrace, a love that remains
But in this vast app, where writers roam free, I'm a whisper in the wind, a lonely plea

I share my shattered dreams, my deepest scars, my every fear
Hoping to connect, to be heard, to find solace in your compassionate ear
A following that will see my worth, my cries, my desperate need
But still, I wait, with an empty, aching heart, a soul that's incomplete

A like, a comment, a follow, a friend to hold, a love that's real
Is all I seek, till my heart is made whole, till my soul can heal
For in this space, where words are my only key
Motivation dwindles, like a fading melody, a dying plea

So I'll keep writing, with a heart that's broken, with tears that fall like rain
Hoping that someday, my words will find a home, a love that will remain
And find the readers, who will see my light, my pain, my desperate cry
And follow me, through the darkest of nights, with a love that will never die