Am I really though
Nonchalant attitude radiates,
but is it really?
How can you ask your disciples
to decipher you?
Why not ask yourself the paradox in question?

Are you really numb?
Am I really numb?
Why do you ask?
Can your conscience not detect for you?
Questions keep piling,
piling until you can't get a deep dive in the question at hand.
So many thoughts linger,

but am I really numb?
Why supress what what cannot be reasoned with.
Is it an emotion or a feeling?
Thoughts do make a person lose sanity,
for what if I'm not numb? Am I a weakling then.
Sorrows sorrows for I am not numb.
A body radiating pain and anguish
hiding under the veil of numbness.

I am not numb.

© twilight