...The first 48
I'm light as a feather
you can remain the same
stiff as a board
get your shift together
you started so fast
that you thought you done left me
tryna make me heavy
but I see the levy
I can swim
ill make it
before I see him
at the real place I'm destined to be apart
I got Destiny's heart
now I got to set thee apart
the moments been marked
got told again that I'm slow again
thought here we go again
that's what comes out when
fake friends don't need you no mo
they end it with words
that instead make you wish you heard
stick up
at least then after giving up my wallet
my chin I could still pick up
might be big with girth
but them words sure still hurt
if I had a nine in my purse
id make you feel worse
that's why I don't adhere to violence
which dont make no sense
cause you still fighting
and I'm just a taking it
with all the faking you get
while I sit
all along smile on my dome
not letting on to it
you think you so slick
that you can say
shit like that talk smack
think it don't get back
in a round about way
but what I'm gone say
when I'm smart enough to wait
on plans that I made for you
in the future
you should watch your mouth
for you never get round to that day
meet the toll road
where in your mode you gone pay
might be a turtle in this race
but if you make it to that place
when you get in you gone see me
I knew the exit
now you got hiccups
getting tripped up in investments
now you see where the best gets
it gets done
when you have faith the one
in charge
will lift the barge
when the weak men and mean girls
feeling they are at large
they hit the wall
they meet the pavement
and now they get
the chain they loved
thought nothing of it being chained to a gang
a whole new slave ship
so don't trip
because I get it!
eyes got a little wet
but shit
now I see it's pathetic
to let it get me down
fix my crown
they just mad
they met the Queen
in their tears I won't drown

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