I miss my muse and his smile
I miss my muse and the greatest lines I used to make for him
I miss my muse and his radiance
Do you know if I can find him under the leaves of a rose hanging by the door?
Could harpocrates be pious with our simple mortal acts?
please, harpocrates let my man be free
stop possessing his acts
if you like lilacs, I will recollect them all summer and spring
dear harpocrates, i can feel the death stalking our moments alone
does he remember when our words intertwined?
how they used to be a portal of heaven?
I used to steal his laugh,
it might be that I stole them all
Harpocrates, do you prefer carnations? I can get them, only if you solve the maze and bring back my man
He sits and thinks on your sorcery meetings
He sits and believes us mind readers
I lost him on the way, just where Atlantis is set

Harpocrates in the Greek culture is the god of silence and secrets; in this text I used him as a metaphor, like if he were the cause of the silence and indifference of someone.
© marsea