thank you
silence my dearest Frenemy
take hold of me
bring me in my head where I dread to be
but eventually peacefully accept that I am Ever growing older
and more tired,
I think I've expired
I'll have a nap
Or maybe I'll sleep for the week
and then have problems getting to sleep for the next three

I'm only 25 how is it I've already lost my mind
Where has the time gone
What happened to my friends
When was the last time I saw my mom
Oh my God
Where has my mind gone,
What was I just doing
What am I doing With my life
What is the plan
Oh wait ,
didnt make one
And here I am
A fucken mess

I'm manically depressed
But I bet you couldn't tell
Cuz when I'm outside masking
I look f*cken swell
You'd never know I want to cry
And you'd never guess my body is constantly aching
My heart is trembling, quaking
I feel like I'm a cracked panel of glass
Being pushed against a strong wind, my chances feel slim

Why am I here
Inside feels so much safer
Think I'll retreat
And people wonder why I drink
Darkness my favorite mask, my camouflage, my shield
That hides all my tears and looks of fear
Thank you for hearing me when I weep
And being the one to hide my defeat from prying eyes and minds
I prefer to mask it
Sharing has not brought me much
I prefer the loneliness sometimes, maybe a bit to often
My worst and dearest friends, I thank you again
Thank you silence, and thank you darkness I'll forever hold you in my heart at my loneliest moments

© Jada E. Clark