On that one day, you decided to throw the glass that was our relationship on the floor.
And it shattered into a million pieces.
You went ahead and walked all over those pieces of glass making sure to crush them completely with each step.
And then you changed your mind and tried to bring all those pieces of glass back together.
But of course, it was too late.
So you sat in those pieces and begged me to join you and promised you could fix the glass.
I knew very well that glass could not be fixed at that point, nonetheless I sat with you.
But shortly after I felt those pieces of glass pierce my skin and I began to bleed.
And I started crying because of the pain and when I looked up at you, you were unharmed.
That’s when it dawned upon me that, you were sitting in the pieces with me but you were protected.
It seemed, I had naively joined you.
So I stood up with all those pieces of glass that were stuck on my skin and blood oozing from my legs.
And I walked away, even if it hurt.
© janet k.