of age : vintage
world full of hustle bustle,
fairies of peace land
troubles tickling all around
shining stars ✨✨✨
turning dark .
brittle glass
champion bottles , pop pop
muddy fragrance, that calms my breath
old book shops on the lantern road
cup of coffee , with dark light.
feeling the presence of your soul
hugging them with nostalgic dreams.
soctic land , light rain
rainbow sky
fragile winds
all around me and you
you hold my hand ,
takes me close to my soul...
the way you love me, as I love my soul
the way I love you , as I love my soul
I grow day by day with emancipation..
fights that came to end by laughing.
laughs that came to end with crying.
together we split..
by splitting we are again together.
the love I want is imaginary
the care I want is away from stars.

© Filliefortie