You take the food from our mouths
rob children of their nice new toys,
Make keeping a home unattainable
sort clever men out from the boys.

You're no respector of social classes
you'll hit everybody hard and fast,
Rising sharply and creeping darkly
upwards, onwards, limits surpassed.

Grabs me by the short and curlies
refusing to let go or compromise,
Other people brutally in your hold
you can tell just look into their eyes.

All the staple products costing more
forced to shop for the home brands,
Fuel prices soaring, left out in the cold
make more meals by your own hands.

Trips in cars amount to a small fortune
and a holiday can cost you the Earth,
Frauds and scams rip you off now
trust crushed from you since birth.

Less value for money, less of luxuries
as your wave will sweep us far away,
You'll have the clothes off our back
hang us out to dry every bloody day.

© .Garry Saunders