ii. a mother with her two children
~ being a single parent
even in today's world isn't easy
raising the children is a part
and teaching them the quality of living
being the quest.

[a scene in the hospital ward]

i'm an intern
in a government hospital.
i'm in the gynaecology ward
witnessing all the emotions
in a single room.

a mother is shrieking in pain
a mother is full of joy and tears
a mother crying for her deadborn
a mother anxious about her confirmation.
all accompanied by their spouses
holding hands,
and supporting.

i see a mother
single !?
well, maybe not
as she's accompanied by
her three years old daughter.

she's peeping over her mother's shoulder
to see the little one
in the mother's hands
crying and brawling
telling his mother to feed.

i see the mother
pleased, happy and confident
and meanwhile
a nurse came by and asked
if there's anyone with her
to which she replied with a firm "no".

and now i realise,
it must be hard to be a single mother
but she's not alone
herself and the kids
still make an amazing family

© Rajvik