A detection of an attraction can be nice on both side if it's equal I mean the same. Kit had been without a man for quite some time now. Now, just because you're attracted to someone doesn't mean that they are attracted to you. We have to take our time to get to know a person because a person don't really change not all that much, I know it, you know it, and they know it. If the attraction is sexual you can bet your bottom dollar it'll only be about sex. You'll be in it for a hot while all sweaty wet you know but just don't let it fool ya.
Some will say that they love you during those hot moments but what they really mean is that they love that feeling of the sex, been there experienced that.
If you jump in you better not use both feet leap lightly leaving one foot out because sometimes you'll need it to pull that other one out.
We know when it something to explore and when it just sex and if you don't know open both eyes. Don't get caught up in all prettiness ither because pretty is everywhere and it's not the best part.
Wednesday morning Kit got out of bed thinking an attraction is nothing when she have had experience with many kinds of the stuff.
When she got to work she sat down and talked to Mrs Bell,
How's everything going Kathy are you finding everything that you need.
Yes ma'am I am but I can't find anymore attendance
sheets Kit said.
We may be running out you need to make more copies make a lot so that they don't run out so fast.
Yes ma'am Kit said well I better get to it excuse me she said walking to her office. Soon as she sat down Jack walked in with coffee and a danish of some sort.
Good morning, Kit could feel her spirit get very quiet she leaned back in her chair.
This isn't a part of your job she said.
Good morning" he spoke again What isn't apart of my job?
morning, to serve me.
he sat down on the edge of her desk,
I serve everybody here,
I can get my own coffee, did you make this danish?
yes, with special ingredients
so are you a chef by profession?
not really he said,well yes I did go to culinary school to learn a few things but most I learned from dad he's the real chef.
The thing is I have to be careful with my seasonings here the elderlies are delicate.
so you like cooking? she asked
yes ,I like to cook here most of these guys are dad's friends, he knows all of them.
Jack turned to face her I started cooking here out of highschool I been hanging out here since I was a kid dad's way of keeping me out of trouble.
Kit's eyes fell to the papers on her desk, she was fine until he turned to look at her then shyness took over.
She knew that she shouldn't allow her attraction to take over just because she attracted to him because some attractions tend to over build attractions.
We tend to allow attractions to run wild sometimes not paying attention to some signs that we should be paying attention to.
Some of the elders started to come in most came in around 9 leaving after 1 or 2 wanting company.
Enjoy the danish he said leaving,
thank you she said.
It took Kit a few minutes to get to work her coffee was now getting cold so she pinched off the danish the taste made her mouth water.
WOW, she thought he is a good cook.
The day went on he was in and out of the kitchen with them making eye contact making her blush.
It's a very nice feeling to be noticed like that but don't let that fool you just because someone is nice to you at the beginning. All of us start out nice
and that can go ither way good and bad the thing is to Pay Attention.
Kit knew that she had to be careful not to slip into some fairy tail mode because there are no knights
hell there's not even any fairytales for her.
Look most of us women want to be in something simple, you better hold yours because believe me she got hers somewhere and at that wrong move she'll ease out without making a fuss.
Sat to the right mind and time she'll move no matter what especially if there's no kids involved. She'll be quiet but she's gone if not in body, in heart, mind, spirit and soul.
You can make a fuss and they'll be quiet already healing the hurt that was inflicted. And you can bet in all that fussing their mind done slipped out not even on you no matter how much you think that they are thinking about you. You can be right in their face and the thought of what happened to them make you be like a window pane just washed with Windex.
Kit wasn't too guarded because her marriage was simple, together they were one and anything after her husband's demise is blue print for a remodel and she knows it.
Kit got her mind back on what she needed to do because she was there to do a job leaving those personal things outside the work place.
About 4:30 Kit slipped out not wanting to give the wrong impression of being easy. She didn't know this man and to allow an attraction to make her loose her better judgement just wasn't her.
When she got to her car he was standing at older white truck with a latter on the back holding his keys goodnight Kathy he said.
Kit downed her head getting into her car, no flirting no smalltalk just a question a thought of is he serious.
The talks are on his behalf not hers.

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