Every red blooded living adult human being knows when there is an attraction between them and that person that they are attracted to, and when they're wanted in a relationship or not. We can all men and women make excuses if things are not what we know are supposed to be in a attraction and relationship.
In an attraction and a relationship there will be some of the sexiest eye contacts looks here and there that shows an attraction between two people.
We all know the roll if the want is there.
But if it's not there we all know that's it's excuses time. "He or she doesn't like to show affection or
they are just not affectionate but the truth is affection is like an Ace it shows it's face.
Affection for some is important that attention makes things more interesting it makes a big difference and sometimes if you want attention you have to give attention.
For an entire week Jack didn't bring Kit coffee
or anything and his looks cut her from head to toe.
At first he was doing all the looks the attention stuff until Kit made him feel like he was someone that he wasn't.
Kit days were starting to be long well that's how it felt and that attention that Jack was showing her stopped.
Kit kinda knew why but she wanted to know for sure. A first thought was to just confront him about it, but......
Friday Kit went to the kitchen to heat her lunch
the microwave was different, so Kit took a deep breath, when she turned around he was looking.
"Can you heat this for me please she asked,
He leaned his weight on the table and crossed his legs you could cut the tension between them with a knife.
Kit's heart sped up without her noticing.
"Are you sure you want somebody like me to do something for you?
"Excuse me" what's that pose to mean she said.
"It seem to me that you already know who I am,
how I am, and what kinda life I live.
Some men can make a woman's mind do backward flips without even trying and Kit's mind went
" you are sweet!
she just looked at him threw up her right hand ok....
a yes or no was all needed for that question she said.
"What kinda man you think I am?
"Don't answer that her mind told her,
ok, now I know what the razor blade eyes were for you know I thought it was something like that..
"Look Jack I wasn't trying to offend you I just asked which one were you in my defense you took it the wrong way you should've ask me what I meant.
"I'm sorry for offending you forgive me.
His frame made it hard for her to concentrate he had on an long white apron tide snug around his waist a white long sleeve rolled up to his elbows and with some of them that's all they need to see.
It wasn't so much of what was seem or to be sought
he was just one of those men you know, that kind that a woman just look at and know that he'll make everything alright.
They stood there looking at each other for a second or two then he reach for the dish.
At that time Kit thought thoughts that isn't good for every ear she wouldn't fly off at the mouth she was just glad that he was talking to her again.
"When you gonna let me cook you dinner he asked?
"When it's good with yo old lady she said in her head.
She wouldn't answer out loud she needed him to ask her that a few more times before she answered.
When he turned around she looked down not to look him in the eye, because the way he looked at her made her not wanna be lady like you know the type.
This was the type of man that make you always want to be touching him some kinda way because that's what happens when you wrap yourself up with one of those.
He holds slightly right under his manness making you wish it could be like that forever.
That's the Kit sees him until something changes her mind she wants the smell of his cologne
the manly style of his dress to haunt her.
We all make our minds be what we want it's nice to be able to think exactly what we want things to be even when they're not.

© writer