It had been a week since Kit and Jack had talked to each other because Jack didn't like some of the statements that Kit made. Kit was feeling kinda ify about the entire thing, why was his feelings bothering her. They straighten things out then he asked her out rather asked to cook her dinner. Saturday morning Kit woke up feeling nervous and rushed to be ready for Jack to cook in her kitchen.
It's funny how one man can make a woman feel like jello. For Kit it's been years since she had to worry about some man's opinion about anything.
I can't believe I'm this nervous she told herself.
Kit spent most of the morning cleaning her house making sure it was spotless. Her house isn't very big a three bed two bath with a small porch on the back.
The day went by slowly making Kit wish that it was already over, he got there about four.
When he drove up she went out to help bring in the bags I see that you found the place alright,
what did you do go grocery shopping, come in she said.
Straight through to the kitchen they both walked Kit's nervousness went away.
He had on white short sleeve silk like button down and loose fit black jeans.
His cologne smelled nice not too light but not over powering.
You know it's nice to see a real gentleman every now and then someone that knows his own manlyness not trying to prove something.
Kit was caught off guard she didn't know that she would enjoy the feelings that came with him.
The look of a man in her house felt slowing that feeling you get when it's all right as she watched him.
She showed him the pots and pans the rest he found himself looking in drawers and the fridge like he lived there.
He was comfortable in the kitchen and it showed the way he tend to the food without missing a beat.
I'll just gonna get out your way.
No" he said there's a bottle of wine in the fridge
stay talk to me you didn't tell me your story I mean why is a lady like you alone?
I'm a widow she said we had a son he's married he his wife and baby lives in Calgary he's a carpenter with his own business.
After eating the conversation continued to the back porch with a cold glass of wine. The sun was setting the air was cool and nice Kit laid back and relaxed in a lawn chair as he relaxed in the other across from her.
Dinner was delicious she said thank you I could get use that, what made you wanna be a chef?
You're changing the subject he said, I asked you why are you alone?
I told you, I'm a widow and when you get used to a certain way of being loved it hard to find.
So have there been others after your husband?
Not really she said, you know you do the going out the talking but I'm use to the real I'm a kinda one man woman but that's kinda played out,
Now it's a sexual world a get it where you can from whoever will give it kinda thing now.
For some he said..... what I see is that,
you're closed off it seem like you live in your own little world not letting anyone in.
Oh yeah, she said really,
I've fallen in love since my husband but the entire thing turned me away from dating I didn't understand it, it just got so bad so fast.
They treated me so wrong it was like they hated me like it was normal to treat a person that way.
I could tell that it was a thrill for them to be hurting someone they enjoyed it like it made them powerful or something.
I got out of it early at the beginning because I knew they couldn't love me and things would only get worse I haven't spoke to them since.
Even after I left them alone they stalked me trying to hurt me it was like they lived to hurt to cause pain. All I wanted was to forget them but they just kept stalking me.
It was horrible they made my skin crawl.
It truly takes a rare breed to be so cruel they go from person to person looking for someone that enjoy being tormented like 50 shades of grey.
I never told anyone that before I kept it to myself because I wanted someone like them.
Everybody are who they are and if a person get off on pain then that's their thing.
I once knew a lady that felt that if her man didn't beat her he didn't love her she wanted him to beat her that's what love meant to her.
No I'm not closed off it just I like certain things of living a certain way my beliefs are of certainty and honest. I believe that a person's life and their beliefs is their own their business.
Jack just laid there listening and the more he listened to her the more he understood her.
You know it's hard for men to find a decent woman these day too he said. The trouble is you find someone attractive and they are so messed up from the pass relationships until what supposed to be love they understand it as something all together different.
I understand what you mean about that woman and wanting to be beat it's because she never learned what love really is. That woman was taught and lived like that all her life that's what she expected to be beat I mean.
Trying to get to know a person is hard all the old stuff from the past will come in to play out of nowhere.
You have to get pass the past let it go and don't let your pass interfere and mess up what you can have with someone else. That's why I suggested we talk.
I love to talk I'll ask questions when there's no question to ask she said. I don't wanna be with someone that I can't talk to.
You stopped drinking your wine.
Yeah I started feeling a bit tippy and I don't like that feeling. He was looking at her like he could see right through her, Kit sat up and blinked downward to break contact.
The evening had grown dark,
would you like a coffee I would she said.
No' I think I'm gonna leave, this was nice I enjoyed your company I'll see you Monday.
Kit walked him to the door he took her hand looked her in the eye good night he said.
It was nice the dinner the conversation the company.
A relationship don't have to take off with a sexual interlude it's always better to get to know just what you're getting if not you just might wind up with something you don't want.
Talk can sometimes be as interesting as sex.

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