Kit was starting to realize that there is a good and bad side to being along for years. The bad is that she's alone and the good is that she's alone.
She's a devoted truful woman having respect for all commitments of marriage and just being in a relationship with someone.
It's always very nice to have a mate especially if the two of you are in love. But if the love is not there for ither mate it's just not good. There will always be this void that can't be avoided and that's one of the things that Kit is glad that she doesn't have to deal with.
There is nothing worse than in a relationship with somebody that doesn't want you. They say that they want you but they'll do everything but leave. You tell them that you know that they don't love you but they'll lie and say that they do.
You know that they're seeing some body else maybe seeing more but they still lie and won't leave you so that you can find that love that you know that you can have with someone. All you know is that you're not getting the love and devotion, trust, respect,the honesty and caring that love is made of.
With Kit having all that before with her husband she sure has heck wasn't ready to deal with some stupid shhh... excuse me I mean stuff like that now because some mates just won't not don't get it won't get it.....
you ither be in it for real or just get out of it.
If you are not ready to commit to being in a monogamous relationship with someone that is monogamous with you, don't come lying saying you do because you don't want no body else to have them...
That same day about two hours later Jack started to Kit's office got to the door and asked....
"can I come in or are we still on the wrong foot?
"come in,
This time he pulled up a chair and sat down in front of her desk.
"I'm serious about you letting me cook you dinner he said.
"Is this your way of asking me out ain't that's about fast.

"Well yeah, you can come to my house or I I'll come to yours and cook a nice meal it won't be anything fancy we can talk.
"We're talking now you don't have to cook me dinner to talk to me.
She sat up and leaned forward, look she said I don't have time for some playboy wantabe, to be thrown back into nothing that I stopped doing years ago.
You're attracted to someone you start dating them
to find out that they're dating you and lotty, dotty.
"I don't have time for that.
Ok I'm single I've been divorced for five going on six years we didn't have any kids my ex-wife is now remarried living in Texas. Look Kathy we could talk about all this over dinner if you'll let us.
Now please say yes to me cooking you dinner.
Tonight? she asked.
Yes, tonight your place or mine you chose, I will bring everything needed you won't have to worry about nothing just say yes.
Don't you think it's a little too soon she asked.
"Look it's just talk if we don't like each other's company we just won't again.
Jake looked her seriously, you're scared aren't you
"She was scared but she wouldn't admit it to him not like he was going to hurt her anything but of what she could feel for him.
Ok she said but not tonight, tomorrow my place.
She gave him her address tomorrow he said before leaving I will see you tomorrow.

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