I'm so sorry
I'm so confused, and I wonder if there truly this much misery in people lives. I'm starting to feel guilty for being happy, for having a good life.
I want to know your story, I need you to tell me, I talk to the Lord everyday and I pray for my family friends the real ones you know.
I sometimes ask why are some so miserable I look at this stories about, look at not read about pain and thoughts of suicide and hope so hard that they're not real. So much cry for help and no one is there.
And why do people choose to stay in a life of misery
why they can't get out of that life.
tell me,
I want to understand why would a woman/man stay with someone that is making their life miserable
someone that they know don't love them.
I always felt that if I'm not being loved, cared for
treated wrongfully to take myself out of the equation because I think that my life is worth more
than misery and pain. I won't read things about misery and pain because it makes me feel bad, sad.
I read a title that said, What is love? and I thought
"WOW! Are they serious? is that a true question and they really don't know or
are they trying to be funny?

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