you're not them
I've been trying to find away to tell you,
that it's not worth it anymore to me,
I'm tired of writing what I feel
for it only to fall on deaf ears.

I'm sorry I can't do this anymore
it's crazy I can't talk to the one I love
and they can't talk to me but
the one that you should hate
just keep begging me to love them

you made it all a game
one that I've said over and over
that I refuse to play
it's just not me,

I don't know what else to do
you're caught up in this worldly stuff
doing what you see others do
being all up in these fantasy worlds
pretending to be something you're not

I should've stayed out
when I got out the first time,
I let you talk me back in it
it's not right to not be able
to talk to the one you love

look this kinda loving.....
is. over... for. me...
I'm not trying to love anyone
not like this...

I try to understand why someone
would need or want this
and it was fun while the fun lasted
but we don't love like this

© writer