The boy with depression
A boy was born with an empty shell.

His heart is feeling unlighted but his mind is filled with negative thoughts conversely with mixed emotions.

But When he takes a look in the mirror, All he really sees is a different entity entirely who traps him in a cage filled with guilt or also burdens that hang on to the boy.

He has anxiety including being to himself sometimes he locks himself in the room directed to hide his true feelings.

Over and above he tries to harm himself to cover up his wounds but he knows that the wounds can’t be healed”He is drowning in the deepest part of the abyss sufficient to fill with sorrow along with culpability.

He sees the world from his point of view as a painting that is missing colors “ like a long rope that has already been cut.

He likes a broken vase that can’t be fixed or restored to its original self such as dying light.

He continues to blame himself time and time again it corresponds as an endless loop to prevail but when the moment comes the candle will go out.

This is the story about a boy filled with depression.