Unofficial lost
Ashley and Machop have made it all the way to Petalburg City, the first city with a gym. Ashley is very excited to take on the gym leader.

When Ashley first gets to the gym, she meets Norman, she learns that she will need three Pokémon in order to battle at the gym. She only has Growlithe and Machop with her.

When Norman agrees to an unofficial battle, Ashley encounters his first Vigoroth. As the battle starts, Ashley uses Growlithe and Norman sends out Vigoroth. Ashley looks it up on her Pokédex to see how to handle the Wild Monkey Pokémon.

When the Pokédex tells her that Vigoroth is both powerful and quick, Ashley feels she has an advantage since she emphasizes on speed.

The first strike is an Ember from Growlithe, but Vigoroth uses its quick reflexes to easily jump away. Vigoroth soon runs towards Growlithe at high speed and Slashes him.

As a result, Ashley switches from Fire moves to physical attacks, and Growlithe sprints into a Quick Attack. Even so, Growlithe's speed is still no match for Vigoroth; Growlithe ends up being tossed around and is eventually defeated.

Ashley knows that she will have to train hard in order to win a badge in Petalburg City. As a gift, Norman gives Ashley a Badge case as Norman directs Ashley to Rustboro City for the closest Gym.