A man had a car.
A very old car, maybe older than your father.
His grandfather had given it to him before he died.The car had seen so much.
From his birth to the death of his parents to driving his almost dead grandfather to the hospital.The car was old thus it was now suffering.It was full of patches but nomatter how many times it declined he fixed it.
That however didn't cut it out as he continued to use the car claiming that it was the only one right for him.The neighbors told him to get a new one but he insisted.
They continued to advice him that it would only cause dangers to him but he claimed it was the only one that never left him.
Consistency he said, full of memories he insisted, never changing he claimed.
He was right indeed, the old car stayed.
Despite having to decline on him in the highway it survived, despite letting his blood sink into the seats it stayed, despite not being there at his funeral it stayed.
And what were his last words?
" Thank you for everything, despite declining"
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