I was really lonely in my pre-teens. I had no friends and suffered loneliness. I was already fed up with life.

A few months later I found The Secret and applied it. Day by day, month by month, my life changed for the better. My crush started liking me back, my family understood me, my grades improved, family’s financial problems disappeared suddenly and I became happier. That was just the beginning.

I really wanted to start my acting career as a child artist but I didn’t know how to. One day out of the blue, a man turned up at my house saying that he had seen me somewhere in the streets and wanted me to act in one of his music videos. And guess what?! My parents agreed after understanding my passion. The video went viral with viewers from across the globe. And, I had visualized all of this beforehand! It was a dream come true. I now know that I have everything I need.

For a girl who had lost hope in life even before she started living it, I don’t know what other proof I could ever need in the Universe. I know that it’s quite a bit of a long read but I really want you people to believe that life is amazing, and this is from a teenager!! Thank you!

Now, just breathe, it is all gonna turn out better than you thought.