Chapter 1 : The Hallway
I am walking through the gateways inhaling all the fresh air. The green bushes are shaped so well. Everything sparkling in the soft rays. Along the rhythm of the wind, I caressed the little leaves with my hands. My little finger opposed to doing so, as she was pricked by Queen Mary yesterday.

Nature itself is incredible. Oh, I should walk as fast as I can. I reached the entrance and there she was sitting with her granny glasses.

"Good Morning Mrs. Mercy" I smiled.
"Good Morning dear. But you are late for it" She laughed.

I ran through the narrow path of the hallway. And there I found him, captivating my eyes in that aesthetic light. He is reading the tale by Dicken's- A Christmas Carol. I asked for it yesterday. I think he is the one who always stole my chance to read the ones first. I wanted to see him and ask why so early always. But now, I don't know why my body is stuck. Through the spirits, the character Scrooge was saved from all sins or errors in the tale. But I think there is no one to save me from falling into the sin of love.

to be continued.......