The Open Window.........Ep-3
'Selena', but why Selena?, why would someone write selena the name of the castle which means the moon on that open window which was closed for years. What does that indicates? Who dared to open that window which was not even opened by Queen till now? Also whose trace is nowhere to be found. What to do ? Now where to find the Queen? Who did this all? What about the gun shot that was heard? Is Queen alive or....?, whose blood is this on that open window?, now what about the page that was found?, what will happen to the dynasty? Who is behind all of this? These were all the questions that was revolving around the heirs mind while they were witnesing that unpleasant moment of their young life which they never imagined before. They both were desperately looking around here and there for help, they were looking here and there for all those answers but there was none who can answer them. They might didn't understand that day but, they actually lost as well as gain something very precious that day tragically which they will understand later in their upcoming chapters of their life.
"We can find the Queen, father please stop , stop this funeral right now, we beg you father, we beg you our Crown prince. How can you declare that the Queen is no more?, this is not possible. Please let us not loose hope, let us keep searching for the Queen and the culprit"cried both Prince Scarlet and Princess Juliyana." It's already been 2 months, except the fact that someone was there with the Queen that day but don't know who, as it was a secret meeting we don't know anything else. And its not like we were sitting idly for the last 2 months, we tried, we searched and looked each and every corner of this dynasty to find the Queen. You tell me, did we find the Queen?, at this state its better to hold funeral to rest the soul of the Queen in peace." yelled the Crown prince, the one and only son of the Queen, a peculiar gold digger with worst manner and behaviour, irrespponsible individual who is full with meaningless ego and has a cold heart who was ready to take the throne quickly. "How can you give on your own mother" screamed Princess Juliyana out of anger. Crown prince who was already annoyed and frustraed couldn't hold back after hearing Princess Juliyana and did something that he always do to his children. He raised his hand on this beautiful, soft looking like hibiscus flower and destroyed the it by plucking and throwing the soft petals on the ground. Prince Scarlet rushed and helped his sister, and then kneeled down infront of the Crown prince for forgiveness as well as for a request to hold back the funeral till the next fall. Both the powerless heirs was begging and crying with a desperate look on their faces infront of this brutal Crown prince who was also their father. Suprisingly their warm tears melted the ice that was inside the Crown prince but not totally as he agreed to wait till next fall but with a condition that both the heirs will not waste their time in searching the Queen and will stay inside the castle till next fall like an inmate."What!, like an inmate. How cruel. Will they agree to these conditions" whispered one servet to the other.

To be continued............
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