What if you suddenly see your
fav person ?

whom you miss them a lot?
And their separation gives you more
dramatist feelings....??

And that person,
is really far away from you and
you think that person will never has the chance to come and see you at this moment...
And how will you feel
if they appeared infront of you???

what if that person is really important for you and guided you in a
very good way and meeting them suddenly at this moment...
Really we will think it's a dream or this is my hallcuilations of them?

Today, I met my buddy❤️
Really she was far away from me...
I don't even or think about that person has a chance to meet me....

Suddenly she knock my door and my mom was grining over and over
idk why she is doing that...
but at the moment
my buddy❤️pull her over her head at my bedroom....
I was lost in happiness...
she was my best buddy whom I used
to share everything and now she is in my home it's really..... wonderful day ❤️

And she said "Suprise 🤩✨"
really it's a wonderful suprise I had😇✨

I'm so happy today....😇😇😇

And I felt happy to share with my friends 🤩 too...

I hope Friends 🤩,
if you are missing someone, I will pray to God that you will meet them soon...😇

Bye friends ❤️✨

© Niyana_cage ❄️