The Addiction:Part Two
While Amrita and Rahul were pondering over the videos, something was happening in a dark room in one corner of the city.

Madhubanti,Papiya,Amrita,Sukarna,Kusumita,Madhuri all are news anchors in the reputed channel ABP Ananda. Everyday these ladies read news. From some days,Madhubanti was gathering information on a gang.But she did not tell others too much about that.When asked,she used to say that she is only making some news. Two new anchors Sheetal and Sheela were reading news in place of Madhubanti.

Madhubanti is happily married to Saikat,a rich businessman.Together they have two daughter's Riya and Mita. But then suddenly one night Madhubanti vanished from her room. All of Saikat,Riya and Mita were outside that time.When they returned Madhubanti was nowhere in the room and there was a faint sweet smell there.Her room was locked from inside and everyone was perplexed as to how she disappeared.

Sheetal and Sheela were hanging out together with Atul. They had told everyone that Atul is Sheela's boyfriend. But given their secretive meeting it raised questions whether it was a casual meeting or something else was going on.

Amrita had always found Sheela's behavior to be odd. She seemd to be interested in knowing about Madhubanti and her life although she did not know her.When Amrita asked her about this,she said that she admires Madhubanti. But the manner in which Sheela speaks makes Amrita suspicious.

It was a dark room. A very long haired woman was being tied to a chair,the long smooth hair of the woman almost reaching the ground.The woman is none other than the news anchor Madhubanti.One masked man was standing afar and noticing everything.When the masked people had finished tying up Madhubanti he went near Madhubanti and observed her very closely.He then gently ran his fingers through Madhubanti's long tresses and started playing with them.He picked Madhubanti's her long soft hair gently,lowered his nose and smelled her hair.He inhaled inhaled the scent of Madhubanti's long soft hair and muttered 'lavender and roses'.He continued to run his fingers through her long soft hair and continuously played with her hair. "My pretty",he said "I have been waiting for this moment so long.Now you are near me."He then gently kissed Madhubanti's soft hair.

One masked woman came forward and said "Just look at your age,even at this age you are behaving in this manner"."Keep shut," he snapped at her,"you don't know how much I have loved Madhubanti and her long hair ever since she joined ABP Ananda."The woman calmed down and told him "ok but remember that the reason for us stealing Madhubanti is something else."

When Madhubanti seemed to become conscious as a result of her long hairplay,they blindfolded her.He held Madhubanti's face tightly and told her "beautiful Madhubanti,you will soon know why you are brought here."One of them gently patted Madhubanti's soft hair and then they went away and locked the room.

Note:So now things are becoming clear as to why Madhubanti disappeared. What do you think happens hereafter? Why did they catch her? Based on real events

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