Black women darkness
Not being able to express or be yourself around your man is not worth it , believe me only your friend would take you for whom you are.. You don't need to pretend just to please any man ( people).Relationships only last when you find your self . So try finding yourself and stop pleasing people. Those you think you pleasing end up pleasing others. Find you. The true you, care less of what you do, corrects you if needed,embraces your darkness, and most importantly brings peace to your soul. Don't let others talk down on your belive instead, appreciate those who throws more light to what you believe. No human is perfect so don't expect, to come out right in all you do. For it takes a whole lot to describe true happiness, or maybe find it. The light will come when you let go of your darkness. Don't waste your time, years, energy on what would only bring you down.
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