Siren Love Story. Chapter 1 pearl village.
there was a young girl named Layla. She had long black hair, skin white as the moon, blue eyes, a tiny nose, and lips red like a rose, she was ten years old. She had ruby jewelry set from her father and he bought it for his wife. Unfortunately, Layla's father died and he gave the ruby jewelry set to her. The necklace had a silver chain and it was thirty-five inches she placed it around her neck, and the gem was oval-shaped. The earrings were silver as well and they were silver dropping and they were oval-shaped. She had an oval-shaped ruby bracelet and it was seven point five inches. Layla packed her belongings and so did her mother. They were moving to a new village it was pearl village. It has a lot of houses and docs. Then Layla and her mother got into the car and they went to pearl village. Pearl Village was eight hours away and they began to pack their stuff immediately. Then Layla's mother came up to her and Layla put all her bags into the car. Layla's mom's name was Quinn. She had long black hair, blue eyes, skin tan as the sun, lips red like a rose, and a tiny nose. Layla's mother decided to give her a round ruby ring and it was silver. They pack their things and got in their chevy car. Layla and her mother put their seat belts on and her mother started the car. They didn't look back at their home town and they were on the road to freedom in their new house. They drove day and night until they got to pearl village.

Quinn: " Just a few more blocks until our house sweetheart."

Layla: " Do you think it's going to be better here mom with our new life?"

Quinn: " I believe so and here we are. It's not much but it will do just fine."

The house was white and it had a balcony, the bottom was bricks and the steps were as well. The windows were wood and the roof was tile. It was also by the pearl docs and much closer to all the markets. Quinn and Layla started to unpack their things and the furniture came and the house was furniture and ready to go. Layla wore a white long t-shirt with jeans and black flats. Layla and her mother Quinn unpacked and Layla went to her room and which had white walls and an oak bed frame she put a dark blue blanket on her bed and she had two white pillows. Quinn wore a white t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans and black flats as well. Quinn got supper ready for her and her daughter. It was fish and bread and fruit. Layla was full and she got into the shower and she got soap up and she rinse off. She also did her hair and got out of the shower. She had two white towels. One was wrapped around her head and the other one was wrapped around her body. She put on teal blue underwear and shorts, she had a long teal green dress with thin straps and it was to her ankles and it had butterflies on it. Layla then brushed her long black hair. Layla then got under her covers and drifted off to sleep. Now Layla was eighteen years old and she and her mother lived in pearl village for over two years. Layla went to the supermarket and picked up some fruits for her mother and she went into the shower and rinsed off. She had a beautiful teal green dress with thin straps and butterflies on it and it came to her knees. Then Layla had a dream it was at the pearl docs and she saw a male siren. He had white skin, black eyes, black hair, a black tail, and black spikes, he also had black claws, and he had webbing between his fingers. His name was Prince Coromisia. Layla then woke up and went downstairs to get a glass of water and then she went back to her bedroom.

To be continued
Will Layla meet Prince Coromisia will she do the right thing or will she run away? Find out in chapter 2.
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