I leave my daughter, as my mother do to me
The time had come to start my journey. I leaned out of the window, waving as long as I could while she disappeared into the distance

This is the fourth times I've been celebrating my birthday without the presence of the person who gave birth to me,

"it's been been a long time mom, but still, the day you've gone seems happen yesterday for me" My tears fell down into my eyes as I said those hurtful words while standing alone at my mother's grave.

After awhile, I leave the place and went back home, I was in the main gate when I saw my daughter caring a picture frame while crying.

"Mommy I miss you so much huhu, You said you will come back home before your birthday huhuhu" She hugged my picture frame so tight

"I'm sorry baby, mama can't accomplished anymore" I walk towards my daughter, she doesn't see me co's maybe I'm a ghost

"Fraye? come on, come to me" I let go myself hugging my daughter and look on to whose talking and I smiled when I saw my mom taking me to her.

© Mika