The tales of an African girl
Once upon a time in a village called B-Dere, there lived a girl named Barisere.
Barisere was a girl full of beauty, ambition.
When Barisere was 17 years, Barisere decided to disclose her dreams to her loved ones.

Chapter One
Barisere is seen sitting under a dogoyaro tree with her mother, uncle and auntie discussing about Barisere career.

I really want to be an actress ooh, but I don't know why you're against it mama.(I said referring it to my mother)
You can't and I will not let that happen.(Mama said with a thunderous voice to me)
But why, what's wrong with me being an actress?(I said with a cranky voice)
But Barinem what's wrong with this girl going into Theatre Art?
At least that's the one she has passion for.(my auntie said defending me)
Wait ooh,I hope you people know that since all of you have been talking,I have not said a word. Now Sister why are you against your only daughter going for what she wants?(my uncle asked my mother)
Simple, it's because she's my only daughter and she going for Theatre Art means that she will be allowing anyone who will also act in the Same movie with her to be touching her and she knows very well that I don't like such.(Mama said with sadness All over her face)
I have been in the industry before,so there's every right to choose a role you want to act.
So I don't see anything bad in being an actress, please let this girl be so so.(my auntie said to my mother with a plead)
Okay, but promise me that you will not deviate from all the things I have taught you (mama said to me with a warning tone)
Mother I promise that I Barisere will not deviate from the scripture, this I promise you.(I said assuring mama)

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