The Hospital Night Series - 1
15 December 1938 , a night of heavy fog in pensalvenia. A guy is running towards a very big building name as Mother Teresa Charity hospital.
It was a kind of asylum build for mentally ill people. As the man enter in hospital he call all the nurses in his cabin. They all looking in tension seems to be they are afraid from someone. The guy is the head doctor of this asylum called George Snowden.
While George was giving instructions to his staff another doctor enter in room Josh Morase . His arm was wrapped in a bandage looks like he has face an accident recently. Without exchanging any word both doctor both doctors wear a special kind of suit and order and one of their male nurse to bring injection 59O .
Both men are going through a tunnel like place which is build strongly with very hard metal. Moving on both stand in front of a door who read as cell number 16.
Josh: I don't want to face him again am scared.
George: Just shut up and open the door.

The door is fully secured with man locks and is shielded with a heavy metal chains like if the inside person escape than something worst can happen .
Horrible noises are coming from the chamber even George is scared now but when in Josh start reciting bible words it stop . A pin drop silence is there know. They both can even their heartbeat how fast is it going.But then suddenly.......,......

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