Mumbai local train
The best way to travel in Mumbai is the Mumbai Local Trains , the roads can suffer from worse traffic jams while the local train most of the time saves time and money, In fact even the rich in Mumbai travel by local train. It’s not very tough to know and master the local trains of Mumbai. The Mumbai local train stations and the interstate train stations are not same. The local platform at train stations such as Chattrapati Shivaji terminal and Mumbai central are discreet while the long haul train alight at altogether different train platforms. At these stations do confirm from the inquiry about the local platforms.
How to buy Tickets Mumbai Locals?
Usually the local train tickets are bought manually from the ticket window though now at few large stations the computerized ticket vending machines are also operational, the local window may seem to have a large queue but these windows serve fast and the large queue doesn’t takes time to be served. The ticket price starts from Rs. 5 for II second general class while for 1st class it is 50 rs and 65 for Ac first class.