Prince-Origin Chapter 10-Aria's Awaken
Prince, Lym, and Karry stood vigil around the unconscious girl, waiting for her to awaken. Nearby, the elders-Vikho, Grein, Idreyl, and Genep-gathered in the hallway to discuss the situation.

Vikho asked, "Grein, what do you think?"

Grein replied, "We should give her time."

Idreyl nodded in agreement. Vikho turned to Genep. "What about the report?"

Genep responded, "My assistant has started the work. We should have it soon."

Vikho then addressed Idreyl. "Any suggestions, Sir Idreyl?"

In a gravely voice, Idreyl said, "This could be our chance."

Vikho, surprised, asked, "What?"

Idreyl elaborated, "Yes, this girl might be our key. I see a change in Prince already."

After several hours, the girl finally stirred and awoke. Vikho entered the room and called Prince over, instructing him to be the girl's trainer. Karry was taken aback. "But ma'am, the girl is not in a condition to train. I should be the one to take care of her."

Lym agreed, but Vikho responded, "Karry, you're probably right. Don't worry, we won't give her any tasks. She will just stay with Prince." With that, she left the room.

Karry turned to Prince. "If you need any help, just ask me or Lym. And here are the instructions for her medicine." She was about to leave when Lym stopped her.

"Karry, we haven't given her a name," Lym said.

Karry hesitated. "Yeah, but don't you remember her real name?"

Lym shook his head. "Yes, but we shouldn't use it. It might hurt her."

Karry was confused. "Hurt her? Why?"

Lym explained, "Last time she said she wanted to forget everything and live a new life."

Karry pondered this. "So, we need to think of a new name for her..."

Prince spoke up, "Aria. We'll call her Aria."

Lym and Karry both repeated, "Aria?"

Karry smiled. "It's a cute name."

Lym asked, "Does it have any meaning?"

Prince nodded. "It conveys her bravery."

Both Lym and Karry were pleased with the choice.

At the 31st hour (on Cela, a day has a total of 34 hours), Aria awoke again. She sat up on the bed, and Prince, who hadn't slept yet, went to her. "Do you need anything?" he asked gently.

"Water," Aria replied.

Prince looked around the room but couldn't find a water bottle. He remembered Karry mentioning that the only source of water in Merey was the well in the backyard. He ran to the well, where the elders watched his every move. The well was deep, and the bucket was heavy, but Prince was determined. He lowered the bucket and, with great effort, began to pull it back up.

As he struggled, an echoing voice came from the well. "It's too deep," Aria said, surprising Prince.

"Aria, why are you here?" he asked, still pulling the bucket.

"Am I Aria?" she replied.

"Yes, you are," Prince affirmed.

"Let Aria help, then," she offered.

"No, Aria, I will do it myself. Just sit there or go back inside," Prince insisted.

"You named me, and now you're getting water for me. Even a little help, I would still help you," Aria said firmly.

Together, they managed to pull the bucket up. Prince filled a bottle with water and handed it to Aria, who drank gratefully. "Wow, I've never drunk water like this before," she said, smiling.

"That's why this well is known as the Elysian Well," Prince explained. "Aria, let's go back inside now."

"No, please sit with me here for a while," Aria pleaded.

Prince sat next to her. "Who are you? Where am I? Why did you and your friends help me?" Aria asked.

Prince replied, "This is Cela, a moon of Jery planet. I am Prince."

"Can I call you brother?" Aria asked, looking at him with wide eyes.

Prince smiled. "Yes, you can."

Aria observed Prince closely. "Brother, why do you get nervous when talking to me?" She stood up and moved in front of him. "Don't you know that you should make eye contact while talking to someone?"

Prince, nervous, admitted, "Yes, but it's hard for me to do so."

Aria insisted, "Why is that? Keep your face up and talk to me. You did nothing wrong that should make you look down."

Prince lifted his face and made eye contact with her for the first time in a long while. He saw joy, charm, innocence, and sadness in her eyes.

"Brother, what happened?" Aria asked, holding his hand. "Where is the light coming from? I want to see it clearly."

Prince led her to the source of the light. "You know, you remind me of my elder sister. She was like you-no friends, hiding her feelings, talking less. I miss her,"Aria said.

Aria looked sad for a moment,Prince asked "Don't you get afraid?" .

Aria replied, "No doubt, you resemble my sister. She asked me that question once, and I told her I don't because I trust the people behind me, myself, and also God."

Aria asked, "Do you have any friends?"

Prince nodded. "When I was on my home planet, I had online friends. Here, you met my only friends."

"Online? My sister had online friends too. She sometimes showed me their conversations," Aria said.

They reached the top of Merey, where they could see the natural beauty of Cela. "Wow, this is totally different. Brother, what are those bright lights?" Aria asked, amazed.

"It's a natural phenomenon of Cela. Those are ice geysers. The light comes from the ground and touches the sky, even space," Prince explained.

"It's amazing. There are many beautiful buildings and other structures here," Aria said, captivated by the view. "Brother, I want to tell you something I never got to tell my sister. May I say it to you?"

Prince nodded. "Yes."

Aria took a deep breath. "I understand it's sometimes difficult for a person to convey their feelings and to connect with others, but I am with you. I can understand you. Please don't ever have negative thoughts about yourself."

Prince was surprised. "How did you know about this?"

Aria smiled. "I told you, you're like my sister. She had these struggles too. She's fighting herself."

Prince was still stunned, realizing how wise and strong Aria was for her age. "You are a brave girl," he said, admiring her resilience.

Aria smiled back, finding comfort in the bond they were forming.

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