Archives of college days
That was the day , i got lot of appreciation from my entire family ,i saw a bunch of sparkles in my parents eyes which i never had seen before,

I'm gonna say what was the reason for all these Joy's in my family ,the 18 yr old me though born in very financially downridden agriculture family got the medicine seat in prestigious medical college ,for a poor boy that was the great achievement to me that i never thought that i would join in that college ,finally my hard work which i had put for years gave me an unforgettable reward......

The day in which i would have to join in the collge had come, i prepared my self ,packed everything, my father accompanied with me as to give some sort of suppot because ,if anyone could see us ,could easily assess, ours financial status, bcz we had never hear before or seen before how the modern world would look like, but I never felt those things stop me from achieving my dream, so I felt proud that i was accompanied by my father,

However at the time u was reporting myself in the administrative office in the college i felt my self somehow uncomfortable bcz there were appearing the all guys with some sort high economical status and with very modernised lifestyle, i felt nervous, and my dad and i standed beside administrative office waiting for my call ,everyone one lookin us with some how awkward and talking something while seeing us, those things somehow hurted my confidence, so i started looking downwards ,while acting that i was not caring them,

Suddenly a sweet voice ,(it was like hearing M S subbalakshimi's suprabatham in the dawn of the day) called "hello, hey you " I dint answer thought it was not for me, again i heard that" hey man ,you with black shirt " then I turned back and saw ,one girl was calling me ,while pointing her hand towards me ,( I couldn't believe that moment, that she seemed like an angel landed on that college at that moment)

Then I answer ,"yeah"
She: "what's urs name?
Me: arun

She: " r u deaf ,Iam calling couple of times ,but you think something like a philosopher "

Me: "sorry ,I was thinkin"...my words were strucked ,bcz i never had talk with that type of girl in my entire life, seemed born in very luxurious family ,

She: "ok ,why you standing there, while calling my father she said " uncle plz come on and sit here" while giving up her seat to my father.....

That was the moment I assessed she was not only rich in her financial status but also in her moral status, that was simply superb, she then came towards me and stared asking my details and my rank etc,

I was quite mute on that moment bcz who expects that moment the girl who looks like a cute fairy doll coming to me and talking with a guy like me who dint know any fashion?

after talking for few minutes....

She : " do u know my name?"
Me: "no ,what's urs name?" asked while accumulating some self confidence...

She:" I'm adhya"

Me: I ,gave a warm smile and kept calm..

after that incident and after completing my reporting task in that college ,I gave send of to my father ,and came to hostel in which I had been a allotted a room where two guys( upcoming best frnds) had already occupied that room ,finally i put my presence in that room......

Two roommates and i headed towards entering college in my first day, everything was filled with beauty, while entering our classroom, there were already some guys anxiously waiting for seeing their new classmates ,after seeing us ,some of them come and introduced themselves ,after few minutes one girl seems very modern (looking nice btw) came to me and said " r u from rayalseema? ( it was the region of 4 districts in the state of andrapradesh, in which people somehow harsh looking but good by heart, land of factionism)

I said yes....

she: " I thought so, and why you soo tall and and looking handsome, though wearing ok ok outfit?"

actually it was the moment i got lot of confidence that i too may be loved by the modern city girls in upcoming future!!!

But my entire thinking was on the girl who appeared to me first time in reporting time, finally adhya arrived, my boys(some how looks more handsome than me ,either finacially or physically) were staring her intensively ....i lost again my confidence that after seeing all these guys, she saw me but she didn't even say hi to me and sit on her seat ,at that moment i came to conclusion that she was too like some girls , so i thought I shouldn't waste my time on these fast culture and high class girls.

Some days passed ,evry girl and boy had exchanged their phone numbers except me...every one was busy with their phones in my hostel, i was heard that adhya was taking with "rakesh" (who was very handsome in my class with fully ego that he thinks he could buy anything in this world with his status)

somehow i felt sad and i consoled my self that" if a woman talk to you nicely that doesn't mean she is loving you so stop thinkin about her and move one with urs studies "

And i even thought aadhya and rakesh both were queite suitable because they both belong to same status and both were much modernised fellows , though i was feeling sad but i used to console my heart like this.

One day i saw rakesh saying I love you and asking a kiss in phone at around 11pm in the night in balcony and having some wild talks with her like saying send me nudes etc etc......