"communication" the best way to know people.
How you communicate with other people is all that matters. Emotions are important in our social life because they allow us to express and understand our feelings.
Communicating with people in a more positive way,loosen your distress,make you more comfortable, independent and letting you know which way to go.
In our society nowadays people don't know who to tell their problems to,a lot of people are in dying in silence because they don't know who to share their problem with.
There are some people,when you talk to them you feel secure,determined,energized.
How I wish I knew you before now.
Had I know,I would have walked up to you first.
different positive thoughts will keep coming in,then You'll realize you've lessen your fear.
You communicate with people by knowing their state of situation,their level of understanding.
A lot of people needs someone to talk to, someone to pour out to, someone to cry to,but when there's none they keep struggling.
It's one of the reasons why most people talk to themselves.
"Communication is one way to level up people's thinking orientation".
© leemah's pen