The Wallabees: Fairyland
"We do NOT seek the knowledge of humanity, nor conform to their race or beliefs! How many times must you be told? Do NOT force your agenda of your subjects," an elderly fairy with an absurdly long braided beard hemmed and hollered, shaking the woods. "Don't you EVER wish to ascend, Nikki!?"

Nikki bowed her head in shame, not saying a word and turned to walk away.

"Just a minute young lady," he stopped her. "Look, I know how you feel. I haven't lived all these ages for naught of knowledge; but, you need to put aside your personal feelings in this thing!"

"But all I have IS my feelings!*

"No," he shot back. "You, have knowledge. Now, I give you wisdom. Nikki use this wisdom in conjunction with your knowledge. Then you will find your way into the bliss that is eternity and ascend. Otherwise you're as dead as a human at the moment of their own birth."

As she slipped back into the real world, Nikki sprinkled pixie dust over Dawn's head causing her to become drowsy. Then she laid down beside her on the bed and sang her a song to put her mind at ease.

"My feet are flighty
On a deep wavelength
I feel like I am floating.
Living at the beachside
Broadening these horizons.

Life has me in a wash
Feeling likea game of bubbles
Within waves rumbling
Oh glorious little splashes
What can I do but float and be free?"

When Dawn awoke, she found the other side of her bed creased inward, yet there was nothing she could see to cause this. Why, what would cause this? As ahe reached over, she felt something but still didn't see it. "What's going on here," she asked.

"OW," a shrill voice hollered back. "STOP THAT! You're hurting me!"

Dawn was caught completely off guard. "W-what, who are you?"

Nikki replied stammered "w-well I'm a ..."


Wallabee Proverb:

Never get your dander up; because when laundry day comes, the lent trap will overflow.

© I Am MichAel

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