Noman: The Lockerman of Secrets: find the clues
Noman was burnt to ashes along with his car and it has been 3 years since this accident, no one knew that Noman was dead and no one knew where all the secrets were buried. Even today many people are looking for Noman because Noman was the king of all.
All the mafia and corrupt government employees of the country were looking for Noman, they did not hesitate to go everywhere and kill all the people related to Noman to get their identity and all the information related to Noman. A mafia whose name is Leon catches an informer of Noman and beats him very badly and asks where is Noman.
Informer"I don't know where he said please leave me.
After making Informer sit on a chair, his hands and legs are tied and by placing one of his fingers in the middle of a big scissor, he again asks about Noman, Informer starts crying and says where is Noman, he is not me. Know, for God's sake leave me, have mercy.
Mafia Leone lights a cigar and gestures to his men to cut off Informer's finger. Seeing the hint, he immediately cuts off the informer's finger. But the informer keeps on shouting.
Mafia Leon tells his man if he does not tell anything, then kill his family in front of him and later kill him too.
Informer "Wait, don't do anything to my family, I do not know where Noman is, but if you want to find out about him, then like me, I have some important information, I know two people who can tell you where Noman is."
Mafia Leone's "Ok You Tell Me His Name"
Informer"First you promise that you will leave me and my family alive"
Mafia Leon takes a breath of a cigar for some time and thinks and says ok if you want this then that too will happen.
The Informer"Jessica Brown is a bar dancer who works at the 7Oceans Club and Joseph is a retired Navy Commander who used to help Noman."
Mafia Leone's "Bring His Family With It"
Mafia Leone extinguishes the cigar and Leone's men kill the informer with the family with hostage bullets.
Leon sets out to find Jessica and Josep.
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