why do we introduce ourselves as "grateful recovering addicts"
Yall in 18 days I will be 11 months CLEAN. IM SO EXCITED and happy to be on this journey I have learned and changed SO SO MUCH, for the better. I'm so happy for ALL my family for taking this journey with me and being by my side, I'm grateful for the few people I've had riding this journey with me and being my cheerleader.

People don't understand why when we speak we say "grateful recovering addict" I will tell you why I can speak for most of us before our addiction started we were uncomfortable in our own skin, we didn't know how to deal with our mental health or how to be around people bc our demons took over THEN the addiction started. We drank and drug until we cannot drink and drug to keep masking ANYMORE PAIN GUILT SHAME UNCOMFORTABILITY. This is where us addicts say "my addiction stopped working for me" and mine was at its limits there was no MORE to mask ANYMORE guilt and shame I was building in addiction. We surrender ourselves at such the LOWEST point in our lives, our lives and feelings COMPLETELY in shamble. We are MISERABLE people and now our ONE coping mechanisms are no longer working for us.

But then we meet similar people in recovery who have been through, thought, did the same terrible things I HAVE DONE, and after sharing our most personal moments we hear "amazing story so glad we can hear from your point of view your emotions and actions are VALID, let's to get a cup or coffee together" We hear from other people that our feelings and monsters WERE liars that our feelings ARE VALID, that our lives were HELL FOR A REASON, to become STRONG, amazing people. Recovering addicts are some of THE MOST compassionate people IN THIS WORLD. We will give the shirt off our backs for people we will go out of our way to help the next recovering addict. Recovering addicts have sooo much wisdom to teach and life lessons yo speak about and teach, recovering addicts are THE MOST GRATFUL people ON THIS PLANET. We APPRECIATE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! Unlike other people who have NEVER been in our shoes. A much needed revolution, turn in ourselves, a realization I AM BETTER THEN THIS, PEOPLE DO UNDERSTAND ME, I AM NOT ALONE! And THOSE feelings would of never gone away IF I WERENT AN ADDICT. Today I AM COMFORABLE BEING ME.

MY ADDICTION took me to dark UGLY PLACES. THIS IS WHY IM A GRATFUL RECOVERING ADDICT, addiction made my life a living HELL, BUT without it I would not learn how to relearn to love, forgive, rebuild, become more confident, happy, gratful, amazing family member and without my addiction idk if I would ever learn ANY of that.

Hello My Name Is Dezahrae I'm A GRATFUL RECOVERING Addict. Coming Up On 1 Year Clean!
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