sorrow end
Odibo was an 11 year old when his parents died in a fatal accident he was among them in the car with his siblings but somehow he didn't die Odibo aunt started taking care of him after his parents death but Odibo aunt friends warned her about the outcome of taking care of Odibo she didn't take to their advise. a month later Odibo aunt lost her husband and she became a widow and the month after that she lost her son named Samson who died from a critical illness which was unknown according to the doctors who tried to save his life
this was when Odibo aunt realise that Odibo was bad luck to her family and she carried him to the orphanage and to add to it she told all the orphanage children and teachers that Odibo killed his family and her husband with her child.Odibo was rejected by all but he kept praying and praying every night for God to show him why he was always in badluck God decided to give him is hungry wish so that night Odibo dreamt that a strong man was trying to hit him more like a giant being he tried to run but there was no place to run to somehow anytime the strong man is about to hit him he always misses it and hit someone closer to him it was in this dream that Odibo knew his problem and kept praying. yes in frustration he ran away from the orphanage he run so far until we got to a residential area he worked some few steps before passing out in front of a young woman the young woman rushed him to her husband hospital the boy is a resemblance to the one in the newspaper who is missing from the orphanage is there that we find out the woman's name her name was Serena and her husband's name was Reema Odibo told them his sad story but yet they still accepted him even though they had children that night Odibo dreamt again that the strong woman that was trying to hit him had died and was being buried he woke up and jumped in happiness he had gotten all he had lost his two brothers which were his only siblings now he had them again thier name where joe-boy and Ruger he also lost his parents in the fatal accident but now he had them which were Serena and Reema
audubon you that is because of his faithfulness to God that made him so happy that made him recover all is lost worth. So the moral lesson should be given in the comments.Till my next story
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