Chota Ghar par bada dil
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one day with my broken heart,. broken soul broken mind because i was accused mentally and physically by husband and his family they throw me out of the home . I was walking without knowing where i am going,where i want to go it was raining heavy i was walking in that heavy rain with wet body wet clothes in tlike a roaside begar it was 7pm evening became darker roadside people where afraid to give me lift seeing my condition that dark night after i walked 7 km it past 8pm evening turn to night tha night taught me most things .one old lady in her small hut she saw me and said my daughter what happened why u walking alone in this dark evening come here you are so wet and tired she gave took me to her tiny house gave me towel and be comfortable child tried to offer me her saree i felt shy i didn't took offered me hot tea that day i realised one thing "bade Gharo me rehenvalo ka dil bhot chota hota he" aur " chote gharo me rehnevalo ka dil bhot bada hota he" she asked me my problem and let me stay at home till my dad come it was too heavy raining dark night that old lady was like a angel for me told i am alive because of him i might be died in that heavy rain any thing worst can happen to me now i am becoming too emotional seeing my past how i fought my dark times....
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