today's situation
Actually today's topic is so random, I saw a news on teenagers attempting suicide just because of the fear of failure and failure itself. I feel so bad after hearing this news because no one in the world told them that you are doing enough, you are doing great. You know there is much burden and pressure on us young people. Competition is so high our parents are accepting from us to be good at life but buttt .... Hear me out you matter dude you are not a failure failure means you were trying you have that courage to fight , maybe today was not good not productive you don't feel like studying who don't feel like doing work but that's okay you are all good. Whenever you think that you don't matter just think that God saw the earth and thought that this life supporting planet needs someone like you someone unique like you someone beautiful like you someone caring and kind like you.

Just try to work a little hard but be easy on yourself.
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