A hypothetical scenario:

Imagine that there is someone with infinite intelligence. I mean, the intelligence is literally infinite. There are no limits.

Does it make sense to say that this person knows literally everything which happened in the past, happening right now and will happen in the future?

Let's put forward this assumption:

If this person have infinite intelligence,

a) Either they will definitely go through all the ideas and possibilities in the entire universe.


b) They just have the potential to go through all the ideas and possibilities in the entire universe.

Do they know everything that is happening in the universe because they went through all the possibilities and calculated all the outcomes in the entire universe OR do they just have the potential to do all this and it does not really guarantee that they know everything?

Talking about (a). Do you think that if they have an infinite intelligence, they can't help it, but see through all the intricacies of everything, go through all the possibilities and know everything?

I'm saying this because of some of my experiences when I used to play chess. I don't play now, but I used to play some time ago. I was not a good player by any means. But after playing for like an year or something, I looked at my first few online games in chess.com and lichess. I was shocked on how stupid my moves looked. I was like, "Was I drunk while playing the game? I can't even imagine doing something like this at my worst." That was one example.

I don't know if this analogy makes perfect sense. But let's say, a kid comes to you and tells you that he is gonna elevate a pen around 7 meters height and drops it. You are smart enough to know what's gonna happen. The pen is gonna fall downwards. You went through the possibility without even trying. You know very well that a pen is gonna fall downwards if someone drops it. You don't even have to think.

Do you think that if someone is infinitely intelligent, they will go through all the possibilities in the entire universe and know everything that is going to happen? Like in a way, they are too intelligent that they can't even help but see it all?

Talking about the (b). Does the fact that someone is intelligent enough guarantee that they will know these "trivial" or "common sense" things? I mean, it's common sense that things fall downwards. You don't have to learn Newton's law of gravity or Einstein's General Relativity to know that. It's common sense and we know it happens like that because humans are definitely smart enough to think like that and it just feel right to us. But do we actually have to know that things fall downwards? What if we know that thing intuitively only because we were compelled to do it? What if we know it only because that was a necessary thing to know to survive? What if this "That thing is so trivial. I don't even have to think about it." is a thing only because of our need for survival? Do we still have this if there was no need to know this? What if the infinitely intelligent person doesn't go through all the possibilities intuitively because there was no need?

(Assume that this hypothetical person has no need for survival. No need for literally anything, actually. He/she just exists, and that's it.)

I'm split between (a) and (b).


Why did I talk about knowing the past, present and future?

It's obvious to see how they can know about the past and present from what I talked about earlier. If they use their potential to calculate literally everything in the entire universe with a 100% accuracy, they can easily know what happened in the past and what is happening now with a 100% certainty I think. I'm not sure if physical uncertainties like in the quantum level affects the accuracy and make things inaccurate. I'll talk a bit more about it later.

Now, talking about future. Another question is, can we predict the future if we know literally everything that is happening around the universe with a 100% accuracy at all times? I think yes.

Let's say, we have all the data with a 100% accuracy right from the big bang until this moment. We have the data of how many photons are emitted from each and every star, data about even the most negligible chemical reactions in all the living beings, data about what kind of foods we ate from the day we were born, data about what are the frequencies of the songs played in Paris since the the first song was played there, data about the spin of each and every electron in the entire universe without missing one, etc. I think it makes sense to say that we can predict what is going to happen using the laws of physics. Assuming that we have a powerful enough being who can handle this huge amount of data and knows how to calculate each and every details in the universe with a 100% accuracy.

But can we get a 100% accurate data? Of course this is a completely theoretical scenario. Obviously I'm not looking for a practical answer for this question. But what if these quantum uncertainties reduce the accuracy of the data? But, does the quantum uncertainties even exist? What if we say that things are uncertain in quantum realm due to our limited knowledge?

The average IQ of humans is around 100. 160, 180 all are considered genius level IQ. I've also heard about people having IQ of 200, 230 around that level. I don't know how accurate those information are. I've heard that IQ can be inaccurate when we reach such high levels. But that's not the topic of the discussion. Let's say there is an alien civilization where the average IQ is 1200 for example. That's an absurdly high IQ. What if such aliens are able to understand quantum mechanics much better than us? What if they can understand quantum level things without uncertainties because uncertainties doesn't exist and they were able to survive the intricacies and find the methods to find the accurate data about the quantum events without any probabilistic nature?

What if data can be 100% accurate? What do you think about this topic?


Is the ability to go through all the possibilities infinite intelligence or infinite creativity? Is creativity a necessity of intelligence? Can you be intelligent without being creative? What exactly is intelligence? What are your thoughts?

© Sharon S