I hate you... I hate you for giving my 100% efforts to you... I hate you for telling you my allergies,diseases,traumas, fears... because you didn't even think about them before going to other woman for attention. You killed the girl who loved you with all her soul. You know my soul burns... yess.. my flesh doesn't but my soul does... I hate every memories I have about you.. I hate you I really truly hate you... I even hate your name.........!!!!!!!
I wish.... wish...
your soul would burn too
your eyes will drop tears
your trust will be broken too
your soul will die a thousand times
your each breathe will hold pain
you will never achieve anything

you've really manipulated me so much that I think that I've hurted you.. but noo not anymore ... I know you cheated on me..
you don't even have had guts to tell that you've cheated on me... you even said you never loved me then why were you in relationship with me for 3 years??? why??? I must have been the dumbed for trusting you...

you know if you have had to go
I had no problem
but what's the need of cheating on me?
you don't love me just leave me?
you wanted to be in friends with benefits with her and also in a relationship with me at the same time?? why??

you're not even scared of God.. you brag about all this like these are some trophies.. I wish God will punish you for doing this... since I'm not very first one with whom you've done this!!!!!!

And you cheated on me.. still you're roaming around freely...
And loved you honestly.. still I've been suffering right now.. hating love.. hating trust...
I hate you... I wish the same things would happen to you too

© @Aayushi_Yadav

#broken #cheaters #heartbreak