THE DEAL (part 3 of book)
Chapter 12 Enter the butler

The five players now staring at each other wildly realising the seriousness of the situation. Each of them wishing they had taken the million and walked away. Had they all forgotten about the butler who stood in the corner saying nothing as if he was mute. Their eyes all concentrating now on the gun that was still pointed at Ellie’s face. Nobody saw him walk from the corner and drop his hand inside his velvet lined pocket and produce a hand gun of his own. He silently walked up behind Tony chambered the weapon with its white and pure gold handle encrusted with his initials on it and held it one inch away from the back of his head. All of a sudden there was a flash from the muzzle and the recoil from the magazine resounded around the room. There was a bone crunching sound as the bullet went through Tony’s scull and exited out of his left eye socket dragging fragments of bone and brain with it as it pounded into the wall and Tony fell forward the back of his head now showing and the dripping of his blood could be heard as it dripped from the table. The other four players looked in shock and horror as the butler said nothing but “ rules is rules each of you got one shot you were all warned” casually wiping away some blood of his lapel and glasses as he retrieved the gun from Tony’s dead hand and then re chambered his own and put it back in his own pocket.

Chapter 13 The reaction

Paul shot up out of his chair and shouted “for Christ sake have you no morals and what sort of a dark twisted game is this” as he glared at the butler with a face full of fury. Ellie just staring into a void sick to the pit of her stomach as the sight before her thinking that could have been me. Right now the thought of being with her husband the man she loathed didn’t seem so bad after all. David sat silent his head hung low he’d never seen a dead body before and this was no way for the 1st time. There’s meant to be an element of calm and serenity about it not a huge bloody mess in front of people. Cindy sat silently sobbing for as rough as her life was she liked to be known as a humanitarian person. As the butler smiled and asked one question. “So do we find out if Tony had pulled the trigger if Ellie would still be here” they all looked at him shocked as he held the bloodied gun in his hand and pulled the trigger another blinding flash as the bullet smashed into what looked like an expensive ornament as the stench of cordite from the muzzle filled the room. Ellie now looking bewildered and thankful that Tony didn’t get the chance to pull the trigger.

Chapter 14 Tony’s cheque

The butler calmly washed his hands and assured everyone that each of the guns with their prints would be wiped clean and disposed of as it was only fair that none of them should face trial for a murder they did not commit. He then walked over to the body face still down on the table and reached into the dead man’s pocket and retrieved the cheque. Strangely enough he walked up and handed it to Ellie. David now lifted his head and asked” why the hell does she get the cheque” the butler simply replied “ she wasn’t stupid enough to put a gun to her own her head and took the risk that somebody else may well do” this notion enraged Cindy who for the 1st time showed any real signs of distress since turning up and shouted” so in other words she cost a man his life and gets rewarded in doing so please tell me where Is the justice in this lunacy” the butler could say nothing as the speaker broke silence once again and the voice said “ the game is well underway now and you are all aware of the rules” with a very menacing laugh at the end of it. David shouted “ stuff your rules why don’t you just kill us all now and save yourself the hassle of having to give away the money” the voice simply replied “two reasons one of that I can afford to give this amount of cash away the other reason will become apparent the further into the game we get and after all there is no guarantee you will all end up dead what happened to poor Tony was unfortunate but necessary” and with that there was a resounding silence around the room as each one now realised but couldn’t be quite sure if they would make it out alive or if they did would they be the same person as they went in.

Chapter 15 Game 2

As they all sat in the room that now wreaked of death and the atrocity of what they had just witnessed the speaker broke silence once more” My dear friends for the next game you shall each take a ticket from each of the bags on them will be a name and number please say the name and number so that I can hear it clearly so there can be no mistakes. David’s temper now starting to show as he shouted” what sort of a game do you think you are playing we are not your pawns you sadistic bastard” the speaker replied “ now now David let’s not get all hot and bothered and blow it out of proportion all will be explained in due time” . Paul reached his hand into each bag and called out Ellie number 1. Next was Ellie’s turn as she dipped her delicate hands into each bag and called out Cindy number 3. Cindy was next and called out David number 4. David his face red with anger threw his hands into the bags and without even looking shouted with a venom in his voice Paul number 2. The butler placed notes in front of each of and the notes read “welcome to sports day this activity will be most exhilarating for you as you race against each other and also from the pack of dogs that will be released once you have reached halfway on the 400 metre course” Cindy looked happy with this as she was agile and light on her feet from her training as top athlete in track at field at school. Paul turned and said “ this is murderous you bastard and you know it” the voice laughed and said over the speaker “one more thing on the track there will be lights do not run onto them as all the lanes have them but only one lane has land mines beneath it so careful where and how you tread. Then there was silence once more.

Chapter 16 Time to change

The butler lead all 4 of them to their own private changing room where they could shower and change into the attire needed for the next game. Inside the changing room there was a notice saying that the butler would pull out the pieces of paper with both a number and name at random as to which order they were to run. Of course the 1st all 4 done was sit pondering and wondering if there was a way out but the windows were tiny and the lavish air conditioning ducts had alarms so they could not be tampered with in any way. And somewhere in the distance even over the sound of the running shower water the dogs could be heard howling and barking as David thought this isn’t good they sound ferocious and hungry. Cindy feeling quite confident about this game didn’t seem so worried by this fact forgetting that it had been many years since she had run like she used to or maybe she was trying to convince herself that this time she would bag herself another million. Paul on the other hand was a little more cunning and was looking for any little thing that may be used as a weapon to protect himself should the dogs catch up with him and if he found something how would he conceal it and what was the chances that he would not be searched on the way out. Ellie on the other hand was shaking like a leaf a lady like her didn’t do running and certainly didn’t like the thought of land mines let alone dogs thrown into the mix as well but had resigned herself to the fact that she would have to face it head on and deal with it.

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