THE DEAL (part 1 of book)
Chapter 1. Paul Souls
The rain poured on him as he got out of the car. Dressed in an immaculate Armani suit with matching aftershave one would wonder if he wore the same underwear and socks. As he looked at the foreboding mansion in front of him. He clicked the key to the very expansive jet black Ferrari he drove with whitewall wheels and continued to walk towards the door. The rain soaking him as he did so. Here he was Mr Paul Souls as he did he was asked and punched out the 6 digit code on the keypad on the door and waited for it to open. And slowly but nonchalantly with an air of arrogance and self reassurance he stepped inside. The walls adorned with paintings of grandeur and marble floor and the water feature stood in the middle of the all adorning winged angels as the high ceiling chandeliers sparkled within their own opulence casting rays of light through their prisms. He smiled smugly to himself realising he must have been invited here to collect the 1 million he had been promised and yet not known why. Maybe an unknown relative who enjoyed the same pleasures in life as him had left him an inheritance not that he needed it or did he ?

Chapter 2. David Baker
He got dropped off outside the mansion in a beat up rusty old escort car. His clothes oil stained, ripped jeans and trainers that had seen better days with tattered laces. No clue as to why he was here apart from a million pound and no clue as to whom had sent this request. And yet here he was the down on his luck failed marriage car breaker. Not the kind of man you would consider giving a million pound to in the 1st place. Unshaven and unclean giving him the look of a real nasty piece of work as he entered the doorway of the mansion and suddenly stood out of place due to its posh and obviously very expensive surroundings. He was eyed wearily by Paul presuming that he was here for the same reason in his posh clothes. They greeted each other but not wanting to actually speak to much as they shook hands and immediately Paul looked for something to now wipe his hands on after shaking hands with a man where they wouldn’t have looked out of place in a mechanics garage. Wow thought David I could do with this million to sort out my financial troubles and maybe a little more to sort out his failing business amongst other things.
Chapter 3. Ellie Davies
The white limousine pulled up to the driveway with its shiny alloy wheels and private number plate ELL13.
The chauffeur got out and opened the back door “ we have arrived your lady” and she stepped out of the car wearing her Prada shoes with crunched on the gravel and her custom made Gucci dress and smelling absolutely divine wearing Christian Louboutin beauty perfume. Obviously a woman of expensive taste with a very rich husband. She eyed the mansion and walked through the door. Straight away catching the attention of both men inside but she wasn’t here for that. She was only here for the million and had to be quick as she hadn’t told her husband where she was going and had other things on her mind anyway so any advances would be quickly dismissed. All she wanted was the cash and to get out of there as something didn’t feel quite right to her. As she stood staring at the blank screen on her mobile phone pretending to type messages so she wouldn’t have to engage in conversation with the two men who were so obviously watching her every move.

Chapter 4. Cindy Withington
The black BMW pulled up and out stepped Cindy high heels, short skirt and low cut drop top along with the powder on her nose not to mention the fake hair extensions and bright red lip gloss and fingernails. Clearly paid for by somebody else to be used by somebody else or a few at a time. She looked back before the car pulled off the drivers wind slowly wound down its electric motor couldn’t be heard it was the sleek. The guy driving the car said just get the money and ring me when you have you’ve still got money to earn in the streets. She walked up pressed the digits and into the expanse of the door. Both guys looked at her and she smiled as she walked across wriggling her cute ass and introduced herself in her usual flirty manner enjoying the attention she was getting from them both. She looked over at Ellie who was still pretending to type on her phone and said “well who’s the little rich bitch stood in the corner thinking she is so much better than us” and laughing as Ellie looked up from her phone and quite abruptly replied “ go fuck yourself bitch or let one of them or both fuck you coz you look like you’d enjoy it” and then abruptly turned back to her blank screen as the door once again opened.

Chapter 5 Tony Porter
He drove to the end of the drive and eyed it wearily wondering why he had been asked here to collect a million pound. He should be in his office working on strategies to improve his business but this cash injection would sort that. Wearing a pair of Levi jeans a firetrap t shirt and Nike air trainers obviously a man who followed fashion. He parked his car in a wood clearing where it couldn’t be tampered with. Oh what an untrusting person he was as he walked to the door and punched the keypad numbers. The door opened and in he stepped and straight away noticed the air of indifference within the room but made the gesture of a swift hello to everyone else but not with the intention of being over friendly as he didn’t know these people and didn’t want to. He was there for the cash and nothing else.

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