That Girl Who Used to Scrible Ep-1
I remember seeing one of my classmate loosing her breath in the middle of the class. Apparently she wasn't really considered as a classmate to begin with because no body knew about her. She was always invisible in the eyes of her classmates and teachers. Now, if someone will ask me why it was like that, I will say I don't know, and it's just not me, nobody knew about her. She used to stay in the class like she never existed. She used to be in her world, quite all alone. But there was one thing that I remember about her. The scribbling sound, the sound that I used to get everytime when I walked pass her. Her head was always down, scribbling something on her notebook with a pencil. Whenever I saw her she was always like that maybe that was the reason why I never knew how she looked until that day when she was lying on the ground, pale and cold. Everyone was shocked, but not to that extent that they would scream thier lungs out to ask someone to help her or save her life. Some how for the very first time she got the attention from the whole class. For the very fisrt time she was visible to the whole class. But who knew that it would actually turn it to be her last one.
The whole school mourn for her, as to fulfill the customary. But did they knew who was that person for whom the whole school was mourning? the answer was no. The only thing that I heard everybody asking that day was "who was she?". Yes, who was she?

To be continued...

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